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An Experience in Satisfaction

Wyoming's largest and best selection of Brand Name vaping products and Quality goods.

Clean Air Vapors was born out of a great need to grant consumers

an experience far beyond the conventional limits of similar retailers. We wanted, and

have achieved, a level of professionalism, dedication, and attention to detail that

has made our store the "Best in Class" throughout Wyoming and the Wind River territory.


More than 40 brands name options and hundreds of flavor profiles to select plus a vast selection of DIY


Both tech and mech mods ranging from the pencil stick to quad battery super powered devices


A full line-up of quality systems to include disposable units, pocket mods, and full on adjustable devices


With well over fifty selections and thousands of sticks, we pride ourselves on excellence and quality cigars

Pipes & Tobacco

A great selection of Briar Wood pipes and premium tobacco blends plus all the goodies


We have glass items, cutters, matches, torches, ashtrays, wraps, Hookahs, CBD products and batteries. To name a few.

"The most fascinating and unexpected feature of Clean Air Vapors

is the fact that people come from all across the country just to see our

store. It's elegant, clean and inviting - and sometimes a bit

overwhelming because people just aren't accustomed to seeing this

much selection in their local shops."

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